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Vaudeville, Old & New: an Encyclopedia of Variety Performers in America


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The Porridge Sistersí Cookbook of Hearty Vegan Fare† $9.95

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202 Hearty Vegan recipes, helpful hints for your pantry and refrigerator. Charts to help you know how many cups of carrots are in a pound. Who doesnít need to know that!


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Text Box: Murder at the Orpheum Theatre
Text Box: Murder at the Gordonís Olympia

The Sixth Porridge Sisters adventure is here!

Boston Dowager Murdered!

Feds Poison Alcohol Supply!

Mission Hill Brewery Raided!

Booze Found in Cambridge Warehouse!


Murder at the Majestic Theatre

Text Box: All Porridge Sistersí Adventures are $12.50 and available on and in a Kindle version.
Text Box: Murder at the Gayety Theatre 
Text Box: Murder at the Old Howard
Text Box: Murder at the Tremont Theatre