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“Vaudeville was more than an assembly of ragtime pantaloons, topical monologists, eccentric dancers, barrel-house songbirds, magicians, tumblers and jugglers, more than a coast-to-coast network of once-gilded theatres now shambling into plaster dust. Vaudeville was a people’s culture. What has remained of vaudeville is the act—a distillation of a performer’s best material into a near-perfect performance piece: the product of personality, talent and skill—the vaudevillian’s reason for living.”


~Frank Cullen

Vaudeville, Old & New:

an Encyclopedia of Variety Performers in America,

the most comprehensive chronicle yet published about vaudeville, its history, its performers, the industry and the social and economic forces of the era, is available in two hardbound library volumes comprising 1300 pages in an A-Z format with 500 photos, an index and bibliography. A survey of vaudeville precedes the 1500 entries including more than 1000 biographies of old & new performers from 1850 to 2000, and a glossary of hundreds of terms.

Published October 2006 by Routledge Press, an imprint of Taylor & Francis of New York and London. ISBN 0415938538

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