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Amazon Readers Love the Porridge Sisters


Murder at the Tremont Theatre has yielded another evocative gem….

“Again, impeccable research…”

“…genteel characters and witty dialogue…”

“...makes history live and breathe…”

“The ‘Porridge’ Sisters … are forces not to be trifled with…”

“...their sibling singularities is a delight…”

“...well drawn distinctive characters ...are a highlight.”

“...looking forward to The Second Porridge Sisters Mystery!”

“...transported every time I opened the book…”

“...the characters are well-developed, the descriptions amazing…”

“...find yourself wanting to move into the Portridge Arms….”

“Kudos to the authors!”

“...Fine Writing Again!...”

“The sisters are ... warm-hearted, clever…”

“...captures wonderful detail…”

“The vegetarian recipes of the sisters are mouth-watering…”

“I thoroughly enjoyed ... the Porridge sisters….”

“I loved the voice, the language…”

“...a pleasant, old fashioned escape….”

“looking forward to my next visit with Florrie, Lavinia and their cast of friends and guests!”

“I loved Murder at the Tremont Theatre….”

“The old dames in it are such a hoot!...”

“...fascinating to walk through Boston’s theatre world

at the turn of the last century.”


And shoppermom gives five stars to

Porridge Sister’s Cookbook of Hearty Vegan Fare...


“What a fun book. Having been a vegetarian for over 30 years (gulp) and a vegan for only one, I am nevertheless a bit tired of the self-righteous tone of so many of the vegan cookbooks on the market. This book is just fun. I got it last week and enjoyed flipping through it and reading the side comments and definitions (i.e. "what is a pinch?"!) And the one recipe I tried so far was delicious. I particularly enjoy their 1-2-or 3 pan diagrams which explain the recipe's level of difficulty. My only complaint is that the paper in this large-size paperback seems of horrible quality, and while the book was only published last year, my copy looks like it most certainly won't live long enough to be passed on to my children. Having no idea how I stumbled on this "cookbook" in the first place, it has made me quite eager to read the actual Porridge Sisters mystery books!”

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