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Third Porridge Sister Adventure


Bombs! Spies! Secret Squads!


Murder at the Orpheum Theatre, the third of the projected seven Porridge Sisters Adventures, occurs in 1916. Americans are divided whether the USA should join the Great War in Europe; suspicions abound about sabotage, spies and foreign nationals; the ‘Spanish Flu’ is about to become an epidemic; suffragettes are campaigning for the right to vote; discontent is growing within the Boston Police Force; moralists are beating the drum to ban demon rum, and gangsters are waiting in the wings to bootleg booze in defiance of Prohibition; educated bohemians, searching for enlightenment, are turning to alternative philosophies; and the popularity of silent motion pictures is challenging vaudeville supremacy.


Portridge Arms has become a success.—Lavinia is relieved; Florrie is disconsolate—until they, the Porridge Sisters, along with Inspector Brody and the charming and idiosyncratic Castle Street Irregulars, become embroiled in the Murder at the Orpheum Theatre.

Second Porridge Sister Adventure


White-Slavery Ring at Old Howard!

Portridge Sister Nab Villain on Cambridge Street!


In 1912, straightforward and sensible Lavinia and intuitive but erratic Florrie are drawn into the investigation of a sexual slavery ring that a local newspaper claims is operating out of the Old Howard burlesque theatre in Boston’s infamous Scollay Square. Agnes, their maid, is frantic about the disappearance of her cousin Gracie who has run away with a burlesque troupe. Pony Harris, the reporter who wrote the story about “white slavery” is looking for his missing girlfriend Myra, an Old Howard chorus girl and the source for his story. Tommy, the orphaned newsboy adopted by the Porridge Sisters, is worried about his friend Pony, and Inspector Malachi Brody fears that, once again, the Porridge Sisters are becoming embroiled in a mystery that will lead to Murder at the Old Howard!

First Porridge Sisters Adventure


Vaudeville Star Murdered in Boston!

Porridge Sister Attacked!


The first Porridge Sisters Adventure occurs in 1908 with the Murder at the Tremont Theatre of vaudeville soubrette, Rosetta Rice. The Boston Police Department is certain that jealousy or hate is the motive, and the culprit was close to his—or her—victim. Lead investigator Inspector Brody is no fool, but he doesn’t understand show business as the Porridge Sisters do. They suspect larger motives at work.


While conducting their own investigation, Florrie and Lavinia meet and enlist a cast of Boston eccentrics: Rosetta Rice’s lawyer and admirer Dudley Pearce; savvy booking agent Nate Furst; the orphan newsboy, Tommy Shields, the sisters adopt; Patrolman Frankie Moore who takes a fancy to the Portridge Arms maid Agnes Rigney; and Mr. S. A. Boniface the retired gentlemanly actor whom they inherit with their South End property.

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Fourth Porridge Sister Adventure


Soldier Murdered!

Rum-Running in Boston!

Portridge Sister Crowns Criminal!


It’s 1920 and the Jazz Age decade has begun to roar. Women win the vote! Alcohol is outlawed; gangsters go into business—bootlegging and rum-running. Doughboys come back from the Great War to live on the streets: peacetime causalities. Florrie and Lavinia anxiously await their boy Tommy’s return from Europe. Vaudeville slumps. Movies triumph, and Radio portends to be the next ‘big thing.’


Change swirls though Portridge Arms: Agnes and Frankie have a baby girl, and Edna and Paul have wed. Malachi Brody starts his own security business. And the Castle Street Irregulars embark on the Fourth Porridge Sisters Adventure when they discover a Murder at Gordon’s Olympia.

Fifth Porridge Sister Adventure


Gayety Manager Murdered!

Corruption in Boston!

Porridge Sisters Chase Criminal!

Black & White Show Smash Hit!


It’s 1924, the Twenties Roar. Speakeasies abound. The Second Ku Klux Klan revival is in odd contrast to the success of white & black revues—one of which is stranded in Boston. The Porridge Sisters sell Portridge Arms and all the Castle Square Irregulars move to Bay Village following an unexpected bequest. London’s Metropolitan Police send Scottish Inspector Alastair Poole to Boston on a secret mission, but Poole is diverted from his primary purpose and assigned to investigate a Murder at the Gayety Theatre. Smart cops, crooked cops, dumb cops abound as Lavinia and Florrie help solve the Gayety murder that ends with Poole (and readers) following the Porridge Sisters on a motorcar chase though downtown Boston’s narrow streets in the Fifth Porridge Sisters Adventure.

Sixth Porridge Sister Adventure


Boston Dowager Murdered!

Feds Poison Alcohol Supply!

Mission Hill Brewery Raided!

Booze Found in Cambridge Warehouse!


Voices counseling caution are lost in the clamor of the late Roaring Twenties. A shadowy mover behind the scenes, Barney Devin isn’t out to save the world; he leaves that to his wife, Hannah, and their friends Lavinia and Florrie Portridge. Instead, he makes sure that the famed ‘Porridge Sisters’ and their ever-expanding coterie, the Fayette Street Freelancers, are properly positioned to weather the oncoming Great Depression that he and too few others foresee.


Of more immediate distress to Florrie and Lavinia is what the newspapers are calling Murder at the Majestic Theatre, where Back Bay Brahmin, Eleanor ‘Evie’ Vane Barrows, hosting a benefit, fell fatally ill. Commanding less attention among the police and press is the terrifying increase in deaths from poisoned bootleg booze at the opposite end of society’s spectrum, Boston’s homeless and addicted poor.