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The AVM is a non-profit, tax exempt 501 (c) (3)

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dedicated to the preservation of vaudeville.


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AVM accepts memberships, orders for the encyclopedia Vaudeville, Old & New, back issues of Vaudeville Times, note cards of 20 Gorgeous Theatre Programme Covers and the new Porridge Sisters Adventure Series,

Murder at the Tremont Theatre, Murder at the Old Howard, Murder at the Orpheum Theatre, Murder at Gordon’s Olympia, Murder at the Gayety Theatre, Murder at the Majestic Theatre

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Porridge Sisters’ Cookbook

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The last issue of Vaudeville Times was published January 2008.


That marked the end of ten years of publishing VT four times each year. The forty issues will be available for a limited time through this website only. They are not available anywhere else.


Vaudeville Times was issued quarterly to members of the American Vaudeville Museum. This quarterly published in-depth profiles of the great comics, dancers, singers, and other entertainers who starred on vaudeville stages, plus stories about vaudeville's history, from the beer-halls to the Palace to its revival on television, along with other features.


AVM has reissued Vaudeville Times in a ten-volume, black and white set available here and at


We continually update this web site (, presenting new and revealing glimpses of vaudeville's story and its performers. Some became legendary stars; others are nearly forgotten. Together, it is the story of young America. Currently there are over one hundred and fifty profiles inside. Also included is a listing of over 100 biographies & memoirs and capsule reviews of more than 50 theatre related books. A great aid in building or expanding your own library.


Presentations are also available to schools, libraries and other organizations. Hosted by author of Vaudeville, Old & New, and AVM founder and Curator, Frank Cullen, presentations include video clips of vaudeville performers and commentary on their lives and times.


We need your support to continue this work. Become a member of the American Vaudeville Museum and receive 20 to 30% discounts on; the Porridge Sisters Adventures—Murder at the Tremont Theatre, Murder at the Old Howard, Murders at the Orpheum Theatre, Murder at Gordon’s Olympia, Murder at the Gayety Theatre, Murder at the Majestic Theatre, Porridge Sisters’ Cookbook and back issues of Vaudeville Times and note cards. Membership is $10– per year and is tax-deductible as the AVM is a federally exempt nonprofit charitable organization.


We also invite you to contribute your research, insights, memorabilia and memories. Whether you write us by e-mail or postal service, be sure that you give us your e-mail or other address.


Any donations beyond the annual membership fee are tax deductible and gratefully appreciated and assist the AVM in expanding its collections of videos, books and other vaudevilliana and services and research for our members.