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++after a name indicates a recording available.

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Harry Lester


Alice Lloyd

Carnell Lyons

Moms Mabley

Harley Mankin

Louis Mann

The Marx Bros.

Bobby May

Bessie McCoy

Florence Mills

Henry C. Miner

Lola Montez

William Morris

Valantyne Napier

New York Clipper

Nicholas Brothers

Karyl Norman

Ron & Mary Norman

Mickey O’Connor

Drika Overton

Olsen & Johnson

Alexander Pantages

Tony Pastor


Profiles Q to Z


George Raft

Martha Raye

Leonard Reed

Ada Reeve

Harry Richman

A. Robins

Roller Skating

Will Rogers

Julia Rooney

The Dancing Rooneys

Daniel Rosen

Royal Rockets

Lillian Russell

Ruth St. Denis

Chic Sale

Rae Samuels

San Francisco

Santoro & Marlow*

Jimmy Savo

Blossom Seeley ++

Chris Simmons

Bessie Smith ++

Paul G. Smith

Trixie Smith

Valaida Snow

David Soren

Larry Storch

Sutton & Lee


Eddie Tamblyn

Eva Tanguay

Tap & Tray

Fay Templeton

Tenny & Allen

Three "X" Sisters

Toy & Wing

Sophie Tucker ++

May Tully

Geraldine Valliere

Clarice Vance


Vesta Victoria

Aida Walker*

George W. Walker*

David Warfield

Ethel Waters ++

Weber & Fields ++

Larry Weeks

Señor Wences

Mae West *

White Rats #1

White Rats #2

The Whitman Sisters

Wiere Brothers

Bert Williams*

Willie, West & McGinty

C.A. Wright’s Show

Annie Yeamans

Paul Zaloom