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Alan Howard

1961 ó present

Alan started with magic, got psyched by comedy and then, in his late teens, turned to juggling. Oddly, his high school offered a juggling class, and Alan signed up. He attended juggling meets and convention; he discovered the International Jugglersí Association (IJA) and realized he, too, could turn professional.

Still in his hometown of Cleveland, Alan met Bobby May, The International Juggler, a professional then at the end of a great career in the USA and Europe. Bobby May took Alan Howard under his wing and gave his tips. Alan is currently writing Bobby Mayís biography.

Alanís professional career took him into nightclubs, theme parks, casinos, theatres and cruise ships.

Alanís act has evolved into comedy juggling. The stunts he performs are difficult but he maintains a stream of patter, often self-deprecatory, while juggling everything in sight. Cruise ships allow Alan to work at a more even pace in top notch floating theatres. It also gives him time for his other professional endeavor: editor of Juggling magazine.