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Arturo Brachetti

The most famous quick-change illusionist since Leopoldo Fregoli nearly a century ago, the Italian-born Arturo has been touring Europe, North America and Japan since he was a teenage in the 1980s. He is familiar to American audiences through his appearances in Montreal at three annual Just for Laughs Comedy Festivals and his spectacular one-man show, Arturo Brachetti, Man of a Thousand Faces. In this show, which in 2002-2003 toured a half dozen major cities in the USA, Arturo changes into 100 different roles and costumes in 100 minutes. While in the USA he guest-starred on the Drew Carey Show and hosted Disney’s Night of Magic.

In Europe, Brachetti has acted in serious drama, directed for the stage and concert hall, performed for the British Royal Family and starred in various revues and one-man shows. Arturo Brachetti, Man of a Thousand Faces played two years in Paris alone and won him the Moliere Award in 2000, only the second non-Frenchman to be so honored. Check www.brachetti.com for his schedule.