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Back row: Lavinia Coop, Dottie Spot, Marge Mellow;

Center: Diva Dan, Bette Bourne;

Front: Precious Pearl


From the mid 1970s until the late 1990s, Bloolips was an Obie-winning, avant garde comedy ensemble that emerged from gay street theatre in London to create musical revues produced on three continents (Europe, North America and Australia).

Their work combined thrift-shop drag (costuming made from rag mop wigs to ironing board panniers), tap dancing, song and sketch comedy. Ever witty, their material veered from low to high comedy. The titles offer a few clues: Island of Lost Shoes, Sticky Buns, Lust in Space. The troupe pretty much followed their individual orbits after the early 1990s. Bette Bourne returned to the London stage successfully and toured quite constantly. Bourne and Precious Pearl offered a Bloolips Retrospectical that toured several seasons in the late 1990s, and Bourne and Lavinia Coop reunited in 2006 for Read My Hips.