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1964 — present

Levent the Magician was born in Brooklyn, NY of Russian parents who escaped Stalinism. As a schoolboy, he became captivated by the magic tricks he encountered as he visited flea markets and joke shops. He soon developed into a child prodigy, performing card and coin manipulations, and got professional work while still in his teenage years. Early on, he got to ‘open’ a show for one of his idols, Richiardi,. Jr.

A stint in the Atlantic City casinos nearly wore him out with numerous and frequent shows day and night. A round of various comedy clubs lacked the casino glamour, but helped him to add comedy to his act. Like many current variety performers, Levent the Magician find performing on the better cruise ships rewarding in many ways.

Levent does a variety of tricks and comedy routines in his show. One bit pushes the standard ploy of the magician and his rabbit into wild comic absurdity. Levent transforms a bottle of champagne into a rabbit. The rabbit is then hypnotized, made to think it is a chicken and forced to perform a dance from Riverdance. It is then turned into a weed whacker and a dowsing rod, inflated to the size of a basketball, attached to a TV antenna, cable TV, and a satellite dish. Finally the rabbit is mutated with gamma ray radiation. Of course, Levent, who is an animal lover, uses a fake bunny.