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Bill Irwin

Although Bill Irwin is the best known of the ‘new vaudevillians,’ the term really doesn’t suit him for he does not long stay with any one act or show. He has performed as a physical clown-mime-comedian (Pickle Family Circus, The Regard of Flight, Fool Moon), a serious actor (Shakespeare, Chekhov, Samuel Beckett, Dario Fo, Berthold Brecht) and an accomplished dancer (both modern dance and tap). In addition to his New York stage shows which have brought him many awards, he has been featured in a dozen or so Hollywood movies and on television as a regular on Sesame Street and Northern Exposure.

The Signature Theatre in Times Square is devoting its 2003-2004 season to works written, staged and starring Bill Irwin, including a commedia dell’arte performance piece, Mr. Fox: a Rumination (on the life of George L. Fox) and a revisiting of The Regard of Flight.