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Mickey O’Connor

1968 - present

Mickey hit the street performer circuit when in his early teens. All his many brothers and sisters chose college and professions; Mickey wanted to follow Avner the Eccentric, the clown and juggler. He did; Mickey attended a “Mime and Clown” festival at the Davis & Elkins College where he took classes in mime and worked out a routine. Because Mickey was so young, nobody wanted to work with him. So, for his presentation, Mickey performed solo, aping a monkey. The master mime, Avner the Eccentric, noticed Mickey and took Mickey under his wing as his apprentice and let Mickey perform on tour. O’Connor also has studied with Marcel Marceau and at Jacques Lecoc’s school in Paris.

As a street performer, he concentrated on making people laugh with his juggling and physical comedy, and he made a living performing at outdoors at Quincy Market in Boston and the beachfronts at Key West and Venice, California. Because his act is largely silent, cruise ships wanted him. People who speak many languages patronize cruise ships, so a mime can entertain everyone without language getting in the way. A pratfall, well done, amuses all ages and nationalities.