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Ron & Mary Norman

Ron: 1914 — 1980

Mary: 1922 — present

In the late 1930s there was still plenty of work for variety acts. To most Americans the Second World War was little more than early and occasional rumblings in Europe and the Asian Pacific. Television had yet to be marketed to the American public although experimental broadcasts had been made for years. People still went to the movies every week, but they also attended fairs, nightclubs and the occasional vaudeville show that split the bill with a feature motion picture.

Ron & Mary Normans did an acrobatic roller skating act, and they played vaudeville, nightclubs and ‘live’ television, appearing on the Milton Berle Show, among others. The Normans also traveled with a packaged vaudeville show, but when the Second World War grew in intensity and the USA belatedly joined the fight, Ron and Mary spent the war years in Asia traveling with the U.S.O. and entertaining men and women in the armed services.