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Daniel Rosen

1963 — present

His Dad worked on the Hal Roach lot in Hollywood, and the Rosens lived near the famous long stairway—that rose from sidewalk to hilltop house—where Laurel & Hardy pushed up a piano in one of their short films. If show biz wasn’t in Danny’s genes, it was in his neighborhood.

He fell in love with juggling at a Renaissance Fair, took lessons at a juggling booth but couldn’t quite get the hang of it. Determined rather than discouraged, Danny practiced at home for months and became adept. At 12 he was juggling on the street and passing the hat. At 16 he was wowed by Albert Lucas, a juggler in an ice show, and Danny decided he would juggle and ice skate in the Ice Capades. First, he needed to learn how to skate on ice. He worked out an after hours deal at a local skating rink and became expert.

Over the years, Danny moved into comedy clubs, touring with Mickey Rooney, Ann Miller and Mickey Deams in Sugar babies. Performing on television and on cruise ships. His juggling ability has made him a superb prop comedian and he deftly fields one outrageous sight gag after the other.