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Geraldine Vallierre

“Gerry & Her Baby Grands”

1896 — 1986


Jerry and Her Baby Grands, “America’s Premier Piano Quartet,” was one of those big acts that played the last generation of big-time vaudeville. Gerry and three other young women dressed identically and sat at large white pianos and played a variety of popular and semi-classical music. Arrangements had to be made in various cities where they played to have four identical, well-tuned pianos available. Despite the logistics, Gerry (a press agent changed the “G” to “J”) and her young women toured across the USA, England, Scotland, Paris, Berlin, South Africa and Australia. When vaudeville faded, Gerry became the accompanist for a famous radio show, Major Bowes Original Amateur Hour. Her longest career, however, was as a piano teacher back home in Michigan.

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