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David Soren


For most vaudevillians, unless they went on to greater fame and fortune in network radio, television or motion pictures, their showbiz careers remained the highlight of their lives. Child performer in radio, nightclubs and the tail end of vaudeville, David Soren reinvented his life at every turn. From variety shows at the local Boys’ Club in Philadelphia, Howie Davis, as Soren was billed, sang and danced in Kiwanis shows, did a solo act in nightclubs, was a cast regular in various local live television shows, including the Horn & Hardart Children’s Hour, and toured a circuit of theatres with the stars of those shows, Chief Halftown, Sally Starr and Pete Boyle.

During his teens and early twenties, billed only as Soren, he made several recordings, but college was his major focus. David Soren became an archeologist and today is affiliated with institutes in the United Kingdom and Italy, is a professor at University of Arizona in Tucson and still manages to teach a course on vaudeville.