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Tap & Tray

In 2004, when Tap & Tray brought their style of percussive dance to Chicago, the reviewer for the Chicago Tribune, Lucia Mauro, wrote: “The German duo Tap & Tray made their Chicago debut with classic performance styles of the 1930s and 1940s, including one show-stopping number in which they twirled big silver trays while tapping in uninterrupted synchronicity. But while the tall, relaxed Kurt Albert and his shorter vivacious partner Klaus Bleis have resurrected a vaudevillian novelty approach to tap, they are remarkably avant-garde. Both bring a whimsical precision, speed and elegance to their astute and witty craftsmanship. And, although the spinning trays thrilled the audience, a segment in which they carved lithe musical phrases into the floor with effortless grace made the greater impression.”