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Chris Simmons


London-born but raised in the USA, Chris fell in love with old phonograph recordings  by Sam Mayo, Harry Champion and other music-hall greats, and discovered that music-hall performer James Fawn, born James Simmons, was a relative. Growing up, Chris learned to play banjo, violin and concertina and sang in Gilbert & Sullivan productions.

After college, he acted in period piece plays, such as Sheridan’s The Rivals and played in a jug band and introduced some music-hall numbers into the band’s repertoire. This grew into the first production of An Evening At A British Music Hall, a production so well received that thirty more years of music-hall productions ensued.

Members of the company include Bob Fahringer, Joe Birchak, Peachy Stone, Bob Cohen, Murray Callahan, Alex Barry, Caroline Leland, Sandra Graham, Glen Longenhagen, Rick Weisman and Robert L.A. Williams.