“In Sweet Harmony”

A biography of Pearl Hamilton, and her trio,

The Three “X” Sisters,

by grandson and AVM member,

Glenn Santos.


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No Applause—Just Throw Money,

or the Book That Made Vaudeville Famous

by Trav S.D.,

336 pages, on line prices range from $15 to $25, Faber & Faber/Farrar, Straus & Giroux, NYC, NY, 2005, ISBN 0-571-21192-5.


 As sassy as its title, this book is a new vaudevillian’s affectionate take on his professional heritage. As bold a writer as he is performer, Trav S.D. casts wide net and presents a survey of vaudeville history from its roots through its several stages of growth to its blossoming and institutional decline.

One of the book’s greater strengths is the cultural context the author provides without losing his story in academic meanderings. The marrying of high and low purpose in this book reflects vaudeville’s eclectic (some might say indiscriminate) embrace of art forms, a formula that made it the most popular mass entertainment of its day—fit for both toffs and toughs—ladies and children invited.

One can quibble about particulars—this is true of most books written about vaudeville—but Trav S.D. has a good hold on the big events and issues: motives, process and impact. He has captured the character and feel of vaudeville by examining it as a business as well as an entertainment form peopled by beloved performers.

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